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TrueERP Clothing Matrix

Clothing Matrix Module

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TrueERP allows for the creation of more than just a cubed matrix.

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Clothing Matrix

Sometimes called a product matrix, the matrix system within the TrueERP Software suite will cater for not only "X" and "Y" grids, but also an additional "A","B" and "C" styled options or categories. ie you may have Size and Colour, but you can also have Garment Length, Cuff width, Collar Height and Sleeve Length etc as addition options or categories along side the traditional colour and size choice.

Each of these categories can have an unlimited number of choices within them as well, giving you an enormous range of choices and options.

Instant Creation

By setting up a template of a default matrix grid, this template can be simply copied, renamed and you have instantly created a complete new set of products based on the template design.

Grid Entry

Enter product via a grid style screen or as a simple product selection. Group and filter on your products for even easier selection, to the point of selecting all products within a style with one click.


Grid entry screens will display directly from your POS screen, giving you a consistent entry point selection for all your matrix selecting and viewing.


Import pricing directly from an Excel spreadsheet or use the copy and paste function into the grid as required.

Group Updates

Change existing products by the defining group. Change one aspect of the group and the entire group is instantly updated with the change.

Individual Pricing

Prices can be set by the group or individually. This concept also feeds into every other aspect of the TrueERP Software suite in relation to the matrix set-ups, including re-order points and preferred levels.

Unlimited Entry

With no limits on the number of variations you can have, your range of options is also unlimited.

Grid Reports

View your stock levels as a grid style screen or in a standard report view. Track these levels using any option based on any axis i.e. "X" "Y" or "Z".


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