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Our Software Includes The Following Modules

TrueERP Point of Sale

TrueERP POS Module

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For businesses that require single or multiple tills, customised for each user and integrated with card readers, barcode scanners, display screens and receipt printers. TrueERP integrates all the functionality of Point of Sale with real time accounting, inventory control and supply chain management.

TrueERP POS interface is designed to work with almost all POS hardware, including scanners, receipt printers, cash draws, EFTPOS machines, mag card readers etc.

Incorporate membership cards, Rewards programs, Bar Tabs and "Happy Hour" multiple price levels.

Sell products or check stock quantities and locations by bar code, preset product keys or product search. Real time inventory control also allows multiple units of measure for each product.

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Touch Screen Enabled

Comes packaged, ready to run on almost any touch screen. This includes an on screen numeric keypad, so that no keyboard or mouse is required at all.

Can Be A Satellite System

Set up satellite software systems in less than 1 minute where anything can be fed back and forth between head office and any number of satellites.

Stock Quantities

View in an instant what stock is in what stores including what's on order, sold, lay-by, booked, including what container holds the product and when it is due to land.

Cash Out

Cash can be withdrawn from the till, providing you are allowed access to this function, for paying suppliers etc.

Lay-by Tracking System

Tracks everything to do with lay-bys, from terms and conditions through to payments, balances outstanding and instant complete history.

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Tracks Customer Loyalty

POS will assign customer details instantly the moment a sale is made. Add special pricing automatically for a particular customer, even down to individual products.

Staff Rostering

All TrueERP functions are available on the POS machine, including staff rostering and clock on clock off functionality.

Fully Automated Accruals

All options for leave, sick, RDO etc are fully automated, so that with every pay run, any accruals assigned to that employee are updated, including history for each employee under that award.

EFTPOS and EPOS Enabled

TrueERP is linked direct to the EFTPOS machine for card transactions, and reconciled to the end-of-day procedures. When swiping the EFT card, TrueERP will auto load the details directly into the EFTPOS machine, ensuring all the values loaded are identical.

Full Clothing Matrix

Complete set-up as required to buy and sell using matrix products with an unlimited number of extendable "X" and "Y" grids. i.e. sell shirts by colour, size and sleeve length.

Full Security

Each staff member can be assigned different access levels to each function within POS. In addition to login passwords, you can also set the password per sale, which then tracks who has made the sale and when they did it. This directly links to features such as staff productivity reports.

Gift Voucher Tracking

You can create, sell and receive vouchers. TrueERP will even cater for you accepting someone else's voucher.

Instant updates to entire system

Because the POS is fully integrated with TrueERP, the moment a sale is made at the till, all accounts, customer details and stock are instantly updated. You don't have to wait until the end of the day to monitor how the sales through the till are processing.

Multiple Discounting Options

Automatic discounting can be done at customer level, product level, groups of products or by date range.

Multiple Tills

Run multiple tills from one source, or have multiple tills use one cash drawer and one receipt printer.

Order Numbers

Have TrueERP assign and track customer numbers as they wait for orders. Great for food situations or the next order required.

Process Steps

Set up unlimited process steps so that single orders can be split and sent to multiple work stations, such as when ordering a meal with drinks. The steak and salad stations will get notification, as will the bar and desert team. Each step can be tracked so that all stages know at any time, when their section will be required.

Over 500 Customisable Screens

You can create up to 21000 shortcut buttons across 500 keypads for instant product selection. Excellent for helping new staff members easily identify products etc.

Price Overrides

With a simple one key selection, any product's price can be overridden. Great for instant price changes for any reason. Access level controlled.

Units of Measure and Portion Control

TrueERP will allow you to buy and sell in multiple units of measure, so you could buy beer in a keg, but sell it by the Pot, Pint or Jug. Each unit will be tracked by its unit of measure, so that at any time you can tell exactly how many Pots you have left in a keg.


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