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TrueERP and Retail


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Manage your financials, sales, customers, inventory, and operations all in one place. By capturing your business information in a single system, it makes the information instantly accessible across the organization, reducing manual data entry, costs, and errors.TrueERP software includes all the features you need to run a successful retail operation.

Web Page with Automatic Contact Integration to TrueERP

If a person fills in the contact page on this web site, their details will appear automatically in TrueERP.This style of site has everything that is in number two, plus the ability to sell goods using a clothing matrix grid.

Web Page with Automatic Shopping Cart Integration into TrueERP

This style of site has everything that is in number one, plus a working Shopping cart with a payment gateway.TrueERP ready made web page kits has been made with 3 options that will enhance your online productivity.

Clothing Matrix

Sometimes called a product matrix, the matrix system within the TrueERP Software suite will cater for not only "X" and "Y" grids, but also an additional "A","B" and "C" styled options or categories. ie you may have Size and Colour, but you can also have Garment Length, Cuff width, Collar Height and Sleeve Length etc as addition options or categories along side the traditional colour and size choice.

Each of these categories can have an unlimited number of choices within them as well, giving you an enormous range of choices and options.

Instant Creation

By setting up a template of a default matrix grid, this template can be simply copied, renamed and you have instantly created a complete new set of products based on the template design.

Financial Accounts with Real Time Reporting

TrueERP business accounting software gives you maximum flexibility from the creation of your Chart of Accounts and Cost Centres to Real Time Reporting and easy to use Graphical presentation of data.

Transparency of data is crucial to understand your accounts and your business accounting software should be about managing your business. Your business shouldn't be tied up managing your software.

TrueERP is all about your accounting data and provides drillable access throughout its extensive reports. Drill into your Balance Sheet or Profit & Loss down to individual transactions in real time. Full Audit Trail is provided to track all transactions ensuring data integrity which is one of the key functions of accounting software.

Total flexibility in allocating employee access levels ensures data security and gives you back the control you need over your systems without restricting your employees ability to do their job.

TrueERP Payments Module

Make and Receive Payments from any source, in any form and track all movements associated with these payments, including foreign.

TrueERP Budgets Module

Full control of Budgets by Department or Account. You can also create multiple or consolidated budgets. Create an unlimited number of budgets based on almost anything, from accounts to jobs, over any time line as required.

Define when to start your budget, over what time it will run for and in what periods ie daily, weekly, monthly etc.

Set a conservative or aggressive view of the budget, by departments or cost centers, if required.

Run reports comparing what has happened to what you had budgeted to happen. TrueERP will then give you a variation amount with percentages based on the variation.

Budget Definition

Define when to start your budget, over what time it will run for and in what periods ie daily, weekly, monthly etc. Set a conservative or aggressive view of the budget, by departments or cost centers, if required.


From Prospect to Customer, do it once and its all there.

Sales Force Automation CRM enables:

Lead List Management
Assigning list segments to sales people Allowing list contacts to be called, emailed or faxed
Tracking responses
Creating Leads for the team
Customer History tracking
Service Call tracking
Employee To Do lists
Allowing customer contacts to be called, emailed or faxed
Customer Satisfaction tracking
Generating Reports

TrueERP for Inventory Control

Whether you are a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer, management of your inventory is critical to controlling your costs and ensuring the smooth operation of your business.

Stock Take

These can be done by a number of methods. 1. Directly entering the count into the program. 2. By exporting out to Microsoft Excel and adjusting the spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel, then importing the spreadsheet back into TrueERP and assigning an adjustment value account. 3. By the use of a handheld unit, this will interface directly with TrueERP. With the addition of a scanner, stock takes become a breeze to do and what would normally take a team of people eight hours to complete, can be accomplished in less than two hours with the scanner unit.

Product Discounting

Set up each individual customer, or groups of customers, to have either a one off discount, specific product discount, grouped product discounts, permanent discount or volume sales discounts. In fact there is over a dozen different ways of structuring discount and pricing options, from customers to suppliers to products.

TrueERP Purchasing Module

TrueERP gives you complete control of your purchasing and supply chain management. From automatic reorder triggers to auto selecting the cheapest supplier and tracking orders from shipping to stocking your shelves, TrueERP is the answer.

Eliminate stock outs and order duplication. Efficient supply chain management means reduced costs, better efficiency and happier customers.

Unit Pricing

Products can be bought and sold in units. Units can be created as you see fit from pallets to tubs to container loads. Each unit can be a multiple of a single product, which will then track the product in all the range of units and also be reportable in this full range. ie. you could buy a product by the pallet but sell it by the box.

TrueERP will tell you how many pallets and boxes you have of this product. Unit Pricing also gives you the ability to quote or display prices per unit (eg. Price per Kilogram).

TrueERP Sales Tools - Sales & Order Fulfillment Software

TrueERP gives you maximum flexibility, combined with rock solid control over every aspect of your sales processes and cycles from the very first contact with a prospect, all the way through to them becoming a customer.


Complete details as required to keep an accurate customer database, which can be added to, or deleted from, depending on your requirements. The customer database is live to all areas of TrueERP which ensures that if any transaction involving a client is processed, the correct details including credit limits, pricing levels, past history, and contact and shipping details are automatically loaded and updated. No longer do you have to have multiple software packages to run your business.

Foreign Currency

Make or receive payments in any form, in any currency for any value. Variations in payments can be posted to an account so you can track unders and overs with your foreign currency exchange rates.

Extensive Accounting Reporting Features

Business accounting software is only as good as the access it provides to your data. TrueERP comes with a huge suite of standard reports each of which can be easily customised to show the information you need in the report format you want. These reports can then be saved and viewed at any time. With an almost unlimited range of reports, using different printouts and styles that will allow a user to create a new report or modified any existing report and save as their own. Set your columns of data to not only total as a sum, but also display an average, a maximum or minimum value or any other range of totaling features. As an added bonus any piece of data that is displayed on any of these reports can be simply drilled into, this fantastic feature will give you extensive detail of what makes up the value displayed, right back to being able to open the original transaction on the report.

Instant Accounting Report Features

You don't have to wait for end of month rollovers or batch updating anymore, your reports are instant and up to date to the mille-second. As an added bonus any piece of data that is displayed on any report can be simply drilled into, this fantastic feature will give you extensive detail of what makes up the value displayed, right back to being able to open the original transaction on the report.

Landed Cost

Costs against the product can be treated as base cost or landed cost. You have the choice of applying all the expenses associated with the original order, or only applying a small number of them. Landed costs can be added to average costs giving you correct stock value.


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